Since 2018, I've been working with Dr. Jiook Cha and Dr. Vladimir Shapovalov as a member of the Math and Computer Science Research Track at Bronx Science. I have leveraged my passion for advanced math and machine learning to contribute to two really interesting research projects: 1) Create an algorithm to better analyze four-dimensional fRMI data and improve prescription efficacy for patients suffering from depression. 2) Conduct a data-driven assessment of the link between Ahi1 gene expression and stress sensitivity in humans in order to inform the design of better pharmacogenomic treatment for anxiety and mood-related disorders.

MIT Think 2019 – Over the fall semester of my junior year, I and a partner developed an award winning proposal for the MIT Think competition in which we outlined an AI-based approach to addressing the shortage of trained health professionals in developing countries. Our proposal, prototype, and presentation won the top semifinalist acknowledgement.

Raspberry Pi – As a computer enthusiast, I wanted to learn how to make one myself. Using the raspberry pi kit, I built myself a miniature computer in a matter of weeks.

Line Following Robot – One of my first robotics projects was the creation of a line following robot. I built it from scratch at home over the summer.