Zachary Hine
New York, N.Y.
Aspiring software developer

Goal: Create software that will improve society and people's quality of life. Engage in research with other highly motivated students.

  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • Ruby
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Git/Github
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Graph Theory
  • Electronics
  • Machining
  • Soldering
  • PCB Assembly

I'm an aspiring full stack developer. I also have a passion for math and scientific research.

Columbia University Medical Center
May 2018 - Present

Apply advanced computational techniques to achieve the development of personalized medicine and data-driven research. Analyze complex brain imaging data to gain better understanding of cognitive processes.

Bronx Science Machine Learning Club
Founder & President

My journey into Machine Learning started with curiosity, reading, and tinkering. I remember thinking WOW -- this is cool! The spark grew when I earned a spot in the Math & Computer Science research track at Bronx Science in the Fall 2017. And it reached full blaze in the Spring of 2018, when I began developing actual ML solutions at Columbia University. My MIT THINK Machine Learning-based proposal, prototype and presentation consumed Winter 2018/2019. But soon after, Spring of 2019, I thought, hey, how I can pay this forward. While a group of us had informally been doing ML Club-like activities since Fall of 2017, I thought making an effort to formalize the club might help future students. I also personally had a lot more to offer in terms of actual ML experience at that point. So during that time frame, Spring 2019, I began the process of getting the BXS Machine Learning Club formally recognized and booted-up. It was an involved process that required approximately six months and a number of administrative approvals, but ... SUCCESS! We are now the approved and formally recognized -- first-ever Bronx Science Machine Learning Club! I have created version-1.0 of the club website. Please check us out here: BXSML.org.

Bronx High School of Science
Math & Computer Science Research Track
September 2016 - Present

Take challenging and engaging classes like AP Calculus BC and Modern Physics (post AP). Work alongside highly motivated peers in the library and classroom.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse
Safety Boater & Trip Leader
June 2012 - Present

Help keep paddlers safe during weekly public kayaking sessions at Pier 2. Lead trips from Pier 2/Pier 4 to NYC destinations such as Redhook and Hunters Point. Help out in whatever capacity is needed.

I have volunteered at BBPB since I was ten years old and have developed a love for kayaking and the outdoors. On some weekday nights (Thursdays) and weekends, we facilitate a free public paddling program at Pier 2. Since 2012 I have served as a safety boater for this program. I have helped hundreds of people experience kayaking for the first time, while keeping them safe on the water. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the NYC community and provide people with a really healthy experience.

I also lead kayaking trips for other volunteers. I am the youngest trip leader in the organization, having excelled in rigorous skills training sessions and passing First Aid & CPR certification in order to qualify. In my training, I learned how to perform self & assisted rescues, communicate over VHF radio, put a kayaker on tow, assess wind, tidal currents, and other weather conditions while planning for a trip. Since I was approved as a trip leader this summer, I have successfully lead trips to NYC destinations like Redhook & Hunters Point.